Global Active Practices - Media Kit


During the summer of 2020, worldwide protests in response to the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people, flooded social media feeds and news networks. Harmful rhetoric spouted by powerful politicians ignited violent hate crimes against members of Black, Asian, Latinx, Arab, and Jewish communities. The rights of women and the Trans and LGBTQIA+ community were being deliberated, revoked, and denied by those with no skin in the game. Dancers felt these pressing issues resonate in our field as well, and as our work came to a grinding halt, we faced an unprecedented opportunity for deep reflection. Teachers, athletes, performers, and small business owners waited anxiously while their livelihoods were threatened, debated, undermined, and undervalued. Unfortunately, these compounding traumas were not new experiences, but rather harrowing realities, heightened by the loss and devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over one year later, as we all contemplate a return to “normal,” the pressing thought in many minds is that “normal” is simply no longer acceptable.

Dancers Amplified is grounded in the potential of a new normal: a radically inclusive and equitably diverse dance world where the critical aspects of an artist's identity empower art, rather than “limit” or “distract” from it. Our attached Global Active Practices and Glossary and resource guides are influenced by the experiences, discussions, and research of dancers from around the world. Our document is currently drafted using vernacular and terminology most closely associated with the United States, but reflects the global historical patterns of oppression, racism, sexism, ableism, and gender binarism that permeate institutions around the world. In dance these "isms"and injustices are largely the result of the United States and European colonization, imperialism, and enslavement that has historically and presently affected the lives Black, Latinx/Latine/Latina/Latino, Arab, Asian and Indigenous peoples. Our histories of struggle are distinct, and we are united in our effort to transform and decolonize the art form about which we are all so deeply passionate.

Our plans for the future are empowered by artistic and community engagement and leadership interactions. We have met with the Artistic Director's Coalition for Ballet in America and plans for future jam sessions and community reviews will yield new addendums and initiatives to our Global Active Practices. Our growing list of partner organizations include Black Dance Change Makers, ArtsWrk, Diversity Dancers Australia, Dance Artist National Collective (DANC), Dancersconnect, The Black Artists Dance Collective, Queer Women Dancers, and the Dancers Council. Join us in solidarity as we work towards an elevated dance world that cultivates art through authentic diversity, inclusion, equity and access.



Dancers Amplified is bridging the GAP (Global Active Practices)